Min første BLOG AWARD!!!

I just received my very first Blog Award from my friend in Australia. Liebster Blog Award.
Thousand million thank you Kelly, you are an amazing women :) Here you can see all the beauty she makes :) http://kelbyh.blogspot.com.au/
And she also has a small shop with all the beautiful Manor house flowers here :) http://www.amothersart.com.au/

Once you've received the award, you'd Want to spread the love. Pick 3 of your favorite blogs (preferably with less than 100 followers) to pass on the award two retardation. It is so positive That creative people share Their interests, work and experience with everyone.

And here are the next three blogs I'm proud two share ...

Incredibly talented and gives me lots of inspiration. Are often looking for ideas at her blog and I love everything she makes :)

Love her style, so playful and creative. A blog that is worth visiting :)

Incredibly talented at making cards and are very good with colors. It is also interesting to read about life as she writes about also :)

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