My shoes:)

Better late than never. Promised to take pictures of my shoes when I used them and here are a few one night we remembered to take the camera :)
Had it not been for you Aggie, I had never received them. I love my shoes!! I can not thank you enough for being so kind to bought and sent to me :))

On the way to shopping in Alanya:)

And I must show you ... It was Turkish evening at the hotel this evening and there were plenty of great entertainment show. Among other things, a belly dancer ....

When she was finished with her ​​show so do not you think she started pulling people up .. I was of course drawn up .. Shit I was embarrassed .... And then I had to somehow imitate her and go at belly dancing .. lol ....

2 kommentarer:

  1. fabulous photos Hege ... you rock the wedges.

  2. Omgosh...here you are going on about those shoes. Those great legs of yours would look great in anything! I'm green with envy.


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